Freshwater Retreat - A Holistic Wellness Experience on the Island of Put-in-Bay

Why choose us?
1. Elegant, Historical Island Home.
2. Hot tub!
3. Amazing steam shower.
4. Organic stuff...
5. We are very nice.
6. Shop in our unique store Freshwater Remedies.

Owner, Christine Ontko in her gardens.Dear Future Guest,
Indulge in the wonderfulness of connecting with nature, and allow the healing waters of Lake Erie to work its magic. It has worked for my family and me for six generations. I've been involved in tourism my whole life and I love tourists! It is my goal to help Put-in-Bay visitors FEEL BETTER after having visited the island. So, come on over-arrive by boat or plane, and as you cross over Lake Erie, allow it to wash your worries away. 

-Love, Owner Christine (Christie) Ontko

Freshwater Sensations LLC - Freshwater R & R
1331 Langram Rd, Put-in-Bay OH 43456

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